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Something To Look Forward To

Have you ever been in a rut? You know what I mean, those times when you realize that all you’ve been doing is living life on autopilot, just going through the motions of everyday life. You wake up, go to … Continue reading

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The Worst is Over…Not.

This whole business of divorce recovery and starting life over again in mid-life…it ain’t for sissies, as they say. For a while I’d thought I was through the worst of it, after going through the initial few months of sleepless … Continue reading

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Winter Birding in Michigan

I’ve never liked winter very much. Sure, the first snow of the season is pretty, but after a couple days the charm fades away and it turns dirty and slushy. And all the leaves are gone on the trees, making … Continue reading

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Rewilding My Life – Day One

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you by blogging about every day of this 30-day challenge, but we had such a great day “rewilding” today that I really want to share it with you. As you’ll remember, the goal … Continue reading

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Leaving the Nest: Robins Take Flight

If you’ve kept up with my posts about our nesting robins, you’ve probably been wondering about the conclusion to the story. I’d been so sure they were going to leave on the weekend of the 27th/28th. They seemed to be … Continue reading

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Baby Bird Bonanza

Our yard is a crazy busy baby bird nursery right now and I absolutely love it. I can’t get anything else done because all I want to do is watch the nesting robins and all the other exciting activity out … Continue reading

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Herps and Odes, Dragons and Toads

Have you seen any herps lately? Not sure? How about odes? I’m sure you have, they’re hard to miss right  now. I’ve seen tons of them, but if you’d asked me those questions a couple years ago I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Sensitive Girl and the Robin’s Nest

Note: This is a follow-up to my post on June 30 about the nesting robin, so if you haven’t read it, you might want to go back and start there. (A Robin Nesting in my Yard!) This is one of … Continue reading

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I Love My Mulberry Tree

Our mulberry tree is absolutely loaded with berries this year, after not bearing a single fruit last year. I thought that meant it was dying but clearly it wasn’t. I was surprised to see a fellow birder mention the same … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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