A Visual Ode to the Holiday

Insect Valentine's Day - heart - damselflies in tandem

These are Familiar Bluets in their heart-shaped mating wheel. These damselflies belong to the insect order called Odonata, and we often shorten that to “odes” when talking about them among other ode lovers.

And below is a photo of one of my favorite woodland wildflowers, Dicentra canadensis. As you might imagine, it’s related to the pink bleeding hearts that are common in gardens, but the pink ones are not native to North America. This plant has little yellow bulblets that look like kernels of corn, thus the common name of Squirrel Corn. I hope to get a photo of those sometime this spring.

Bleeding hearts - Dicentra canadensis - Squirrel Corn - Goll Woods w sig

Insects and wildflowers are much more interesting to me than cultivated flowers and candy so I just wanted to present the Nature Is My Therapy version of Valentine’s Day. And by the way, is it spring yet?!


  1. I love that word, “bublets”. And, though I have seed a lot of mating “wheels”, I was unaware of that term too! There isn’t much going on here regarding spring. Another Arctic front moved through last night after a 73 degree day yesterday. We just never know about Mother Nature!


    • Yes, Mother Nature sure is keeping us on our toes lately. Yesterday morning my street and my backyard were covered with ice and snow. This morning I woke up to find that it was all completely gone. I like it this way much better.

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      • There is ice north of us this morning – we just got the blustery, cold winds. I guess I shouldn’t complain! It can always be worse!! Here’s to hoping spring arrives for both of us SOON!!!


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