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Lunatic in the Woods

Yeah, that would be me. Standing alone on a trail with a HUGE smile on my face. If you happened to come upon me just then it would be understandable if you gave me a wide berth and glanced over … Continue reading

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The Worst is Over…Not.

This whole business of divorce recovery and starting life over again in mid-life…it ain’t for sissies, as they say. For a while I’d thought I was through the worst of it, after going through the initial few months of sleepless … Continue reading

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And Then There Was One

Two months ago I lived in a beautiful home on two acres of woods, with a husband and two cats. The four of us weren’t always happy, but we were still a family. Our daily lives were deeply intertwined. Then … Continue reading

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Forest Bathing: No Soap Needed

Most of us cleanse our bodies on a daily basis, but have you ever given much thought to cleansing your mind and spirit as well? I’m not referring to traditional religious practice, although that may serve a similar purpose for … Continue reading

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Baby Therapy

A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. ~Eda LeShan I know I tend to stray from the supposed theme of my blog pretty often. But today I have a new twist … Continue reading

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Sunset Therapy, Just When I Needed It

I realize I don’t write about “nature as therapy”quite as often as I intended. All of my birding, hiking, and kayaking are forms of ecotherapy, but I don’t always write about them that way. This weekend, though, I experienced something that … Continue reading

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