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Maine Realized

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to visit Maine, but for some reason it kept getting pushed aside in favor of other destinations.  I finally decided it was time to just do it. I realized that I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Do you find that you go through phases in life where your interests change suddenly? I  do, and I’m moving into another one of those now. I think my recent trip to Costa Rica helped clarify things for me — … Continue reading

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A Social Butterfly I’m Not

As promised, this time I’m showing you butterfly pictures from my trip to the Rio Grande Valley. And I want to talk more about something I mentioned briefly in my last post, the difficulties of traveling and making friends as … Continue reading

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You Can Take the Girl Out of the Midwest…

…but, apparently, you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl. As you all know, I’m a devoted supporter of The Biggest Week in American Birding, the awesome migration festival held on the Lake Erie shore of Ohio each May. … Continue reading

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It’s a Jungle Out There!

Oh my gosh, where do I begin? We recently spent a week birding in Panama, at the incredible Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge resorts. These two properties are very different in many ways, but share a wonderful hospitality and the … Continue reading

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Booby Attack

No, not those boobies — I’m talking about birds here! (Although I’m curious to see how many hits I get to my blog for the wrong reasons, lol.) It’s finally time for some stories from our vacation on Kaua’i. This … Continue reading

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We’re halfway through our vacation on Kauai right now and my head is spinning from the beauty of this place. I don’t know how I’ll ever put it into words, so for now I’ll just share a couple photos to … Continue reading

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Where Do I Even Begin?

Well, we’re back home after our five days at The Biggest Week in American Birding. My head is still spinning from all the great birds we saw and the wonderful people we got to spend time with. This event has … Continue reading

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Birds of the American West

Ok, here’s the bird talk you’ve been waiting for and I’ve been dying to write. Two weeks ago we did some birding on our various hikes in and around Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Grand Canyon. Prior to … Continue reading

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Weak in the Knees

Program Note: I know there are a few people waiting to read about the birds we saw on our trip out west, but that will be the next post. No birds in this one, but I promise it’ll be worth … Continue reading

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