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This Moment is My Life

Today I’m in my new home, two days before my move-in day, waiting for various installers and service people to show up. In the quiet times between appointments, I sit in a lawn chair in my empty kitchen, working my … Continue reading

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Paying It Forward?

I’ve had the most amazing experience this week, and I want to share it with you. My home has always been my sanctuary from an overly-stimulating world. My goal whenever I’ve looked for a place to live has been to … Continue reading

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A Fresh New Year: Why Is That So Important?

Originally posted on Nature Is My Therapy:
If you’re like many people, you place at least some significance on January 1st. Whether you make resolutions or set goals, you feel that something important is supposed to happen because the page…

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Saying Goodbye

I said goodbye to a friend today and am feeling a deep sense of loss. I spent the afternoon helping him load his moving truck, along with another close friend. For the most part, the three of us tried to … Continue reading

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A Few Things I Saw Today

After work I drove back to the beach and braved the icy wind to take this short video of the Lake Erie waves: I’m so lucky to work at the world-famous Magee Marsh–it’s such a special place to so many … Continue reading

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Finding the Joy

I have a little dry erase board on my refrigerator door, and I use it to write motivational messages or reminders to myself. About a week ago, I was feeling sort of blah about my life when I realized that … Continue reading

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Finally, My Yard Has Come Alive

There’s a row of seven tall spruce trees running along the back edge of my yard, providing me privacy from the neighbor behind my house. That row of evergreen trees–and my lovely sunroom–are two important reasons I decided to buy … Continue reading

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Finding My Way Back to Nature

Although I don’t have time to write much lately, I wanted to share a few recent photos and just celebrate the fact that I made it through the holidays. As I mentioned in my last post, I’d been feeling homesick … Continue reading

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Opening My Mind

Don’t you agree that being open-minded is a worthy goal in life? Have you ever had a sudden realization that you aren’t as open-minded as you’d always thought you were? It’s easy to look at other people and judge them … Continue reading

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Did you miss me? I didn’t intend to be away from the blog for this long, but my big move to Ohio has been all-consuming for the past couple of months. I’m happy to say that I am settled in … Continue reading

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