Pardon This Brief Native Plant Commercial

I’m writing some regular posts for the coming weeks, but I want to do a quick one here for the people who are visiting the blog for the first time because of a fundraising mailer from Wild Ones that is hitting mailboxes this week. I hope some of you will poke around here to read past articles and maybe become subscribers. But even if you don’t want to subscribe, you’ll probably be interested in reading the series of posts on my native plant garden project, so here’s a link to that.

And for my regular subscribers, you may remember me writing about Wild Ones over the years. They’re one of my favorite charities because they’re helping educate the public about the importance of native plants for sustaining the insects that are so important to life on our planet (including human life). I serve on the board of my local Wild Ones chapter and believe in their mission enough that I allowed them to use my photo and story in their annual fundraising letter this year.

This insert was included in the Wild Ones fundraising letter this year.

If any of you are still looking for a worthy nonprofit to donate to this year, I hope you’ll consider Wild Ones. And since this is most likely my last post for 2022, I want to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Thanks for your enthusiastic support over the years — even when I trick you into looking at bugs!


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