A Few Things I Saw Today

Rabbit in my yard this morning Feb 23 2016 (800x533)
One of two rabbits in my yard first thing this morning

Tonight after work I drove back into Magee Marsh. It seemed I had the entire marsh to myself, and it was pure heaven! Hundreds of swans and ducks were coming in for the night, honking and quacking from every direction. And the Red-winged Blackbirds have begun singing in earnest this past week, a sure sign that spring is really coming. Words just don’t do it justice, so here are a few more pictures. Enjoy!

Sunset at Magee Marsh Feb 23 2016 v2 (800x533)Sunset at Magee Feb 23 2016 v3

Swans flying through the sky at sunset - Magee Marsh Feb 23 2016
Swans flying through the sunset sky

Sunset at Magee Marsh with reflection on waterDeer at Magee Marsh Feb 23 2016 (800x533)

And one last sunset pic, with the color saturation and tint adjusted, just for fun!

Tinted sunset at Magee - high saturation too (800x521).jpg


  1. I love the smallest of excursions – sometimes it’s simply enough to spend a few minutes in the quiet of nature and see some gentle reminders that calm and peacefulness can be found just outside the door. We are beginning to see and hear the Canadian Geese and even some Sandhill Cranes flying to the north. I suppose migration is beginning already. It’s an exciting time to be in the south!


  2. Thank you Kim for these beautiful pictures! Being from Ohio they brought back many memories that touched me deeply. I took scenes like these for granted. Looking back I guess I was to busy complaining about the cold weather.


    • Hi Sharee. I still do my share of complaining about the weather here, but I’m determined to be more mindful and appreciative of the things that are wonderful about the lakes and marshes of northwest Ohio.


  3. Love all your pictures! It is so nice to get away from the noise of town and be near the water and wildlife. Glad you got out even tho it was colder today. We have had a couple of beautiful days here and it is so hard to feel the cold again! Pretty sunset!! Cicadas are coming end of April so you will have some fat birds to watch this spring!! XO


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