Having an Extrovert Episode

Reaching hands and sun via Flickr by timove with frame and captionYes, you heard me right: Extrovert Episode. You’ve probably not heard that phrase before, because I just made it up. But if you’re an introvert, you’ll immediately understand what I mean by it. It’s meant to describe those times when we introverts become unusually outgoing and involved with other people. We all experience this — sometimes for a short time (a few hours) and sometimes for longer. I’m in the midst of one of the longest extrovert episodes I’ve ever had, and I find myself thinking about what prompted me to reach out to the world this time.

I think it’s because in the past couple of years I’ve developed relationships with a small group of really interesting people who accept me for who I am. Many of these friendships began as a result of this blog, and I’m so glad I nudged myself beyond my usual comfort zone to open up about my life. I’ve been able to help other highly-sensitive people learn about themselves and how to cope with our always-doing-something-busy-busy-busy society. I’ve also connected with other people who love birds and nature as much as I do. Both of these groups of people have enriched my life in various ways, and I’ve been surprised to see how much overlap there is between the two. Maybe that’s part of the reason I feel so fulfilled by these friendships, because I’m connecting more often on a deeper level with people who share my outlook on the world. One of the most basic human needs is to be understood and appreciated by others, and I’m extremely grateful that I’ve started feeling some of that, finally. Every single person who has taken the time to get to know the real me–and allow me to know them better–has helped give me courage to stay “out here” in the world.

11 thoughts on “Having an Extrovert Episode”

  1. I am also an introvert so I immediately understand what you meant by “Extrovert Episode”. I also have those they don’t happen often but when they do I’m always having a blast and it seems like you do too. I think that these episodes just prove that we are not boring and we can also have fun doing activities that extroverts would enjoy.

    Tavia Cruz

  2. Ah, sweet Kim, we met through blogging and I’m so happy about that… but gosh, I find myself wishing we’d met long ago as little girls. So much to share about feelings and awkwardness, yet having a friend who understood. Well, better late than not at all and I cherish our friendship so much now. I hope you have a grand time on your birding adventure! And I love your birdie artwork. Kim, that is just beautiful and so creative. Dom (our art student who visits often) tells me I need to try sketching and painting. I’m so afraid – afraid I’ll just draw stick animals! The camera always seems safer and more “perfect”. You might inspire me though… 🙂

    1. Oh yes, Lori, it would have been fantastic to have this friendship as young girls. But living a half century without ever feeling understood has made me appreciate the blessing of it now (I guess that’s just what you said, isn’t it?)
      I think Dom is right…you should try drawing or painting. You’ve got the perfect opportunity to learn from her! I’ve been watching some episodes of Bob Ross’s “Joy of Painting” this week and feel myself getting curious about trying to paint using his techniques, just for fun. But even if I never pick up a paintbrush, I love to listen to his soothing and cheerful voice anyway. “Happy trees” indeed!

  3. I know exactly what you mean by “extrovert episode” because I’ve been having more of them lately myself. And it’s for the same reason you listed:

    “I think it’s because in the past couple of years I’ve developed relationships with a small group of really interesting people who accept me for who I am.”

    That seems to be the key for us introverts. A small group of really interesting people who accept us for who we are.

    1. I’m so glad you can relate to this, Lauren. I guess the fact that they’re interesting is what draws me out in the first place, and the fact that they accept me is what keeps me out. I just wish I didn’t always have the worry in the back of my mind that something will happen to make me retreat again. I’m having the time of my life out here!

  4. Kim the festival sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about being an introvert. I call my self and extroverted introvert often. I go in waves of needing people and then wanting the quiet. Your sketch is gorgeous and that would be an amazing day sitting and observing the bird life to sketch. Have a fantastic time I look forward to your photo’s and your artwork and I am green with envy.

    1. Kath, I’ve been seeing lots of great photos by people who are already at Magee Marsh — I think this is going to be a fantastic warbler year. Keeping my fingers crossed for some nice photos! Thanks for visiting and commenting…I appreciate it.

  5. I completely get this post. It’s funny, but on a smaller scale I have been having my own “extrovert experience” lately. I joined the garden committee here at The Cottages and yesterday instead of going home after we worked I actually made myself go to the group breakfast at one of the member’s home. More surprising still was the fact I actually had a good time.

    Have a great time at your birding event, Kim! And your bird doodle is amazing. I think you’ll do just fine in the sketching class. Besides, just remember the idea is for your sketches to help you remember and record what you see when out birding. They only have to have meaning to you in order to serve their purpose. Looking forward to your posts from Ohio!

    1. Thanks, Kristie, this really helps me feel more relaxed about it: “Besides, just remember the idea is for your sketches to help you remember and record what you see when out birding. They only have to have meaning to you in order to serve their purpose.”

      I’m happy to hear about your E.E. too!

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