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Things that Fly, Flutter, and Leap

You know how great it feels when your day off coincides with a fantastic weather forecast? Well that’s what happened for me on Monday this week, and I took full advantage of it to get outdoors and poke around to … Continue reading

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Migration Mania #3: Black-and-white Warbler

Okay, those of you who are paying attention have already said, “Hey, wait, it’s not migration time yet! What are you trying to pull here?” And you are absolutely correct–migration is many weeks away. But there’s no reason we can’t … Continue reading

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This is just a quick note to let you know that I’m back home from the Biggest Week in American Birding now, after ten days of pure joy. I have so much to tell you but I need a few … Continue reading

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Birding Closer to Home

The other day I got to go birding in two semi-local parks I’d never visited before. The first one was Beaudette Park in Pontiac, where my friend Dr. Bob showed me his favorite spots. We got there at 11:00 and … Continue reading

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Migration Mania Series #1: Blackburnian Warbler

I know my blog audience is made up of many types of people — birders & non-birders, HSPs, and general nature lovers — and I hope that I usually balance the topics enough for all of you to find something … Continue reading

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Fall Warblers Are Also Hard!

After three consecutive weeks of focusing on learning shorebirds, we took a break this weekend and went warbler hunting. (Of course you know I mean hunting with the camera and binoculars, right?) The fall warbler migration is in full swing, … Continue reading

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Birdwatchers or Birders? (Part 2 of Biggest Week)

I’m home now recuperating from the brain overload of all the new birds we saw and learned about at the Biggest Week in American Birding. (The event continues through May 14, so if you can possibly make it to the … Continue reading

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Biggest Week in American Birding

Black-Throated Green Warbler We’re down here in NW Ohio taking part in our very first organized birding event — so exciting! We had so much fun with Project Feederwatch this winter that we wanted to see if we’d enjoy birding … Continue reading

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