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A Day at the Beach

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you won’t be misled by that title. But if you’re new around here and are expecting photos of people swimming…well, sorry about that. I did spend a couple hours at the beach … Continue reading

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Dragonfly School – Odo-Con ’17

I can’t imagine ever getting tired of learning new things, can you? There’s something so energizing about the beginning of a new passion, that time when you’ve discovered something that is so fascinating that you just can’t get enough of … Continue reading

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Here There Be Dragons!

It’s that time again–it’s early summer and the odonata are plentiful and active. You may have noticed that I’ve been dabbling in dragonflies for several years, and have written about them a few times: Thrashers, Dashers, and Mayflies (July 2016) … Continue reading

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Things That Float & Things That Fly

While millions of my fellow Americans spent their time blowing things up this weekend (Happy Birthday, America!), I spent the first two days of the long holiday weekend indoors getting started with packing for my upcoming move to Ohio. Such … Continue reading

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Herps and Odes, Dragons and Toads

Have you seen any herps lately? Not sure? How about odes? I’m sure you have, they’re hard to miss right  now. I’ve seen tons of them, but if you’d asked me those questions a couple years ago I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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You’re Invited to Laugh — at me

Yesterday Eric and I got up at 6:30 am to go birding in a new-to-us park about 25 miles north of home. We’d been told it was a great spot for sparrows like Vesper, Henslow, and Grasshopper, as well as … Continue reading

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A Week in the North Woods, Part Two

Ok, here’s the rest of the story about our vacation in Michigan’ s U.P.  I’m going to share more about our bird sightings here and show you pictures, most of which are blurry and/or distant shots, but exciting nontheless. (That … Continue reading

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Photo Bonanza for the Weekend

My photography class ended this week and I’m very glad I took it.  I learned a few things and met some nice people too…can’t beat that experience. I’ve easily taken 2,000 photos over the past several weeks, experimenting with different … Continue reading

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My Batman Bird

After hiking and biking last weekend, I was longing to get on the water. So after my group photo shoot for my photography class on Saturday morning, Eric and I loaded up the kayaks and headed about 10 miles north … Continue reading

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Fleeting Beauty

Well, only eight days after I posted this, the peonies are gone….tattered petals lying in piles on the much. Another example of how the most beautiful things never last for long (autumn leaves, sunsets, rainbows). I’m keeping that in mind … Continue reading

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