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Something To Look Forward To

Have you ever been in a rut? You know what I mean, those times when you realize that all you’ve been doing is living life on autopilot, just going through the motions of everyday life. You wake up, go to … Continue reading

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Are They Here Yet? Huh, huh? Are They Here Yet?

Yes, it’s that time again, when those of us in northern latitudes start thinking about the return of our songbird friends.¬†After a long and difficult winter, it’s time to lift our eyes skyward in search of things with wings. It’s … Continue reading

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Anticipation: Another Mild Winter?

Is it really possible we’re going to have another mild winter here in Michigan? Last winter was barely even recognizable, with sunshine and warm breezes in January and February. Something I enjoyed immensely, by the way. I got in lots … Continue reading

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