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And Then There Was One

Two months ago I lived in a beautiful home on two acres of woods, with a husband and two cats. The four of us weren’t always happy, but we were still a family. Our daily lives were deeply intertwined. Then … Continue reading

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Can a Cat Person Become a Dog Person?

I’ve been a lifelong “cat person” but I did have a dog, once. She was a Pekingese named Kim, and we got her when I was around six years old. I teased her one day and she bit me. She … Continue reading

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Back on my Soapbox

Honestly, I don’t want to keep writing about these cats!! I’d much rather write about pleasant things like the beautiful birds I saw today. But I’ve got to do this one more time: Remember the stray cats I wrote about? … Continue reading

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He’s Lucky He’s So Cute….

My blogging friend Kristie inspired me when she wrote about her puppy Fergus tearing up his toys the other day. Our youngest cat Dexter (3 years old) has shredded every piece of upholstered furniture in our house since we adopted … Continue reading

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The Stupid Thing I Did

We live in a suburb with a population of somewhere around 80,000 people, but we live on the northern edge of our city on an unpaved road that has a rural atmosphere. We were happy when we found this property … Continue reading

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So Far, So Good

Well this winter has been extremely mild up until now, so we’ve been able to get outdoors more often than usual. As a result, my depression hasn’t gotten a good hold on me yet, and for that I’m SO thankful. … Continue reading

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Ecotherapy to the Rescue

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”    — Frank Lloyd Wright Mr. Wright was definitely right about that (couldn’t resist the wordplay). That was true again for me last week as I found myself … Continue reading

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Just LOOK at this picture I just took!

This little guy kept looking in the window at us, so we put out a pile of peanuts for him. Mickey and I watched him for about 20 minutes as he grabbed each peanut and ran. Then he started sitting … Continue reading

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