My Dream Space

Daily Prompt: Writing Room — A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I don’t know where this genie came from, but I know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth! So let’s jump ahead to a day when my dream space is finished and I’m already using it. Here it is:

Tree house on lake - copyright unknown

(Note: I saw this photo on multiple websites, but haven’t been able to trace it to its original copyright holder. I hope they’ll let me know if they don’t want it used here.)

Yes, it’s a tree house!! Can’t you just smell the peace and quiet? One of the best things about this place is that there’s nobody else on the entire lake; can you believe that? Let me take you on a tour.

Before we go inside, notice my spotting scope and binoculars on the porch. When I found this spot for my tree house retreat I knew those two items were essential for birdwatching on writing breaks. And since this is a narrow inlet on a big lake, I can even see the warblers as they make their way through the trees on the opposite shore during spring migration. There’s a resident kingfisher too, so my ears are treated to the unmistakable sound of his rattling call as he flies to his next hunting perch overhanging the lake.

Hey, that was my chair!

Hey, that was my chair!

Stepping in the front door you’ll see right away that this space is sparsely furnished.There’s my plump and cheerful blue flowered chair in the corner. It was intended as my main reading spot, but as you can see, Mickey has claimed it as his own. But what’s a writing retreat without a purring cat? So I let him have it.

Besides I’ve also got a wicker chair and ottoman with  huge soft pillows in the other corner, positioned so I can see the trees when I raise my eyes from a book for a temporary rest.

There’s an antique desk for the times I need to feel like a grown-up. And of course a bookcase for my beloved books. The pine floors are covered by a big braided rug in soft blues and greens. I’ve even got a small kitchen and bathroom here so I can spend entire days undisturbed, writing my heart out to the sounds of birdsong and the wind blowing through the trees.

So that’s it. You wanna come over, don’t you? Sorry, nobody allowed in here but me and Mickey. We’ve got thinking to do….

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8 Responses to My Dream Space

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  2. misselletea says:

    Gorgeous! Two of my friends got married in a beautiful location in Argyll, Scotland last year – they sogned their marrage papers in a tree house very similar to this 🙂

  3. Littlesundog says:

    That’s beautiful. I’d have to have a daybed or some kind of bed in my tree house. I like to take naps to recharge the brain!

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  5. Thanks for the post, Kim. I like your blog very much….especially agree with your intro statement. I love the pic of the treehouse. Now that’s a place that would inspire 🙂

  6. Yes I do wish I could visit!

  7. Very nice! Mine would have to be a spacious desk in front of a floor to ceiling window, overlooking the ocean.

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