Daily Prompt: This is Your Life

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. (Today’s Daily Prompt from WordPress.com)

Oh my gosh, NO, I would not read that book. Would it be boring? Well yeah, probably at least 75% would be, but there’d be some pretty interesting stuff too. Would it be too long. Um, yeah. Even if I die tomorrow, it would contain 51 years of living; that’s more than 18,000 days. And therein lies the main reason I wouldn’t read this entire book. It would simply be overwhelming.

Kim and Deb 1965

What I wore on October 20, 1965.

Can you imagine reliving everything you’ve ever done? Not just the fun things like the first time you traveled to Paris, or when you moved to Tokyo, or when you graduated from college. Those would be the interesting parts. But what about the day you stayed home from school with the flu? Or the summer day when all you did was sit on the front porch reading a Nancy Drew book from the library? Too boring.

And what about the worst days of your life, like when someone died or when you were robbed at gunpoint? No thanks, I can do without those parts too.

Not to mention that by having this book in your hands, you’d know exactly what your future held and how and when you would die. Nope, not gonna read it.

This reminds me of those people who have hyperthymesia (also known as superior autobiographical memory). They can remember every little detail of each day of their lives. Actress Marilu Henner is the most famous example of a person with this ability. It’s a pretty neat parlor trick for a television interview, but I’d go absolutely insane if I couldn’t forget all the minute details of my life: What I bought at the grocery store, which clothes I wore, who I talked to, what I said, what they said, where I bought gas for the car, and on and on and on….

So I guess if I had to read the entire book I’d have to pass. But boy, if I could skim that sucker I’d be all over it. I could go back to this day, when Grandma wore the Batman helmet:

This must have been a fun day in 1966....

This must have been a fun day in 1966….

And this day, when my little brother finally met the REAL Batman!

Get a load of that smile!

Get a load of that smile!

Those were the good old days, when life was so simple and easy. Or is it just that I choose to remember them that way based on these photos? Probably a little of both.

(And by the way, almost every single photo I have of us as kids shows my sister and I dressed in matching outfits, despite being 2 years apart in age. I swear, Mom must have wanted twins!)

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8 Responses to Daily Prompt: This is Your Life

  1. Debbie P says:

    yes.. I was very messy as a kid… thank God I got better with age..

  2. wandena clair says:

    It was a fad to dress your girls alike, and since I can sew you were always in style. Thank goodness you were not born in the 50’s cause the mothers dressed like their girls. And yes, I still love good smells! –Love you, Mom

    • Kim says:

      Ha ha, that’s funny, Mom. Whew, can you imagine if you’d had to make matching outfits for yourself and both Deb and I?! I forgot that you’d made all those outfits — and now I remember all the Barbie clothes you made for us too. You were quite the busy seamstress before you started working outside the home, weren’t you?

  3. littlesundog says:

    I’m not reading the book either! I loved these old photos! Some of those are fun to look back on, but many of the memories I can do without. Oh, and my mom dressed THREE of us girls in look-a-like outfits. I never liked that… no wonder that now I search for the unusual and different. I want to be me… unique and weird!!

  4. I love this, Kim, and the pictures are so great to see and so funny. You guys were so cute! I don’t remember your bedroom having a theme like your little brother, did it? I just remember your bunk beds and your upstairs bathroom had an amazing air freshener that smelled like awesome bubblegum… or was it cherry! I loved it whatever it was Ha ha 🙂 Those details would all be in your book right?

    I agree with you, no way I would want to read that book. I have discovered that I like the unknown journey ahead of me and I like learning from the past as I go. Thanks for another great post!

    • Kim says:

      My gosh, I don’t have any memory of that air freshener, but to this day Mom always has some kind of fruity-smelling freshener gadget in there! And those bunk beds…I can’t believe we actually were able to take them down and make them fit in that room as twin beds, side by side. Deb’s side was always a mess and mine was neat as a pin. Needless to say, we bickered constantly! It’s amazing the memories that come back when you start thinking about particular parts of childhood.

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