Baby Therapy

A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. ~Eda LeShan

I know I tend to stray from the supposed theme of my blog pretty often. But today I have a new twist on it: A newborn baby is part of nature, right? So spending time with an infant could be considered nature therapy. And I’m happy to report that I got a huge dose of “nature/baby therapy” yesterday when I finally got to see my niece Amy’s first baby. Meet baby Brantley, born on November 9, 2012.

Isn’t he precious? I had to suffer through seeing Facebook pictures of everyone in the entire universe holding him before I could make it down there. (I live 5 hours away from the rest of my family.) That was so frustrating! I drove down on Tuesday, expecting to meet him on Wednesday. But I woke up with a migraine on Wednesday morning, and it lasted for 14 hours — can you believe that? It’s really not that surprising to me, actually, since I usually suffer some kind of ailment every time I travel; sometimes it’s my stomach, sometimes my head, sometimes both. And this time I had forgotten to pack my medicine, so I suffered more than necessary.

Love those long skinny feet!

But thankfully I was all better by Thursday morning, and Amy and Andrew brought the baby over to my parents’ house for a visit. I tried to get some good photos for them but Brantley didn’t want to hold still at first. He was fussing until he got his lunchtime feeding, and then it was pure bliss to hold him and watch him make his cute little faces as he fell into a peaceful sleep.

Look at how long his feet are! His daddy is 6’4″ and wears size 15 shoes, so I think baby is going to be just like him.

Proud and happy parents

As I drove north toward Michigan yesterday afternoon I kept smiling to myself when I thought of how Amy looked so calm and happy with her baby. And if anyone deserves to be happy, it’s her. If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year or so you’ll remember that Amy and her sister Amber lost their dad Ron to brain cancer last September. Losing that wonderful man left a hole in the structure of our family. It was like someone pulled one piece out of a Jenga block tower and everyone else fell out of place too.  Things have been difficult in our family as everyone tries to deal with the pain of that loss.  I hoped that Brantley’s birth would help ease the pain in Amy’s heart, and I think maybe it has done just that. Of course we’re all still sad when we think about how much Ron would have been thrilled to meet his second grandson, and how much it hurts Amy that he’s not here to share her joy. But when I saw the peace on her face and watched her looking so happy yesterday, it gave me real hope that this little baby will help her (and our whole family) heal faster.  I sure feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders knowing that she’s so happy now.

I can’t wait to get home for Christmas this year. Brantley will still be fresh and new, and his cousin Bentley will be turning two on December 19th. (I know these girls conspired to name their kids almost exactly the same just to confuse the rest of us!)

A tiny baby cries to be fed

Peaceful mama

Finally I got to hold this darling little bundle of joy!

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5 Responses to Baby Therapy

  1. Awww…He is as sweet as can be! There is nothing in the world that compares to holding a newborn baby. I’m so glad you got a chance to see him when he was still so tiny and new. And I hope he helps fill some of the empty space you all have in your hearts from the loss of your brother. Bentley and my oldest daughter share a birthday!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks, Kristie. You’re right, holding a newborn is a rare thing to be treasured. It almost makes me cry when I realize how innocent and pure they are before the world gets hold of them.


  2. littlesundog says:

    I live 8 hours away from my family so I understand the longing and desire to be with family for exciting events. It was 6 months before I met one of my nieces… but it was perhaps the most “magical” meeting of all. I didn’t have to compete with anyone for her attention, and she was old enough that she was delightful, entertaining and she ADORED her Auntie L!! Absence does make the heart grow fonder!

    • Kim says:

      I was lucky to have almost an hour of time alone with our little one this time. Usually when I drive down for a visit with family it’s like a revolving door of people coming and going, and I never get much quiet time with anyone. I’ve thought of doing surprise visits so everyone won’t know I’m there, and I can take turns visiting each part of my family for some quality time….but I always worry that someone will get their feelings hurt if they find out I was there and didn’t see them.

      • littlesundog says:

        I feel the same way… now I usually stay at one location while I’m visiting and people just come to see me. That’s what happens when you get older and are the old “hag” of the family!! I’m glad you got plenty of time to hold your bundle of joy! Make those trips often if you can!

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