Drive-By Post (Fly-by?)

Just popping in to quickly share a couple photos of some exciting birds. Alerted by a message on our local birding listserv this morning, I was able to see six American Avocets today at Stony Creek Metropark. These shorebirds are resident primarily in the western U.S., so getting to see them here in Michigan is a real treat. And since this was my first time to ever see them, they just went on my Life List too!

I love their upturned bills. They feed by swishing their bills back and forth in the water to catch small invertebrates. I wasn’t able to see them feeding today though because after I had only watched them for a few minutes, a guy on a paddleboard came past and they took flight and landed on the opposite end of the beach. (I was so ticked at that guy. As I saw him heading for the birds I called out and asked him if he could avoid them because they were rare birds and I was trying to watch them. He went straight toward them anyway — I wanted to strangle him!)

Anyway, rather than follow them and stress them even more, I decided to leave them in peace so they could continue building their strength for the rest of their migration. But what a great few minutes that was!

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One Response to Drive-By Post (Fly-by?)

  1. littlesundog says:

    Oh, Kim, these Avocets are so sweet!! I absolutely love the upturned bills! What a lovely sighting!

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