A Good Day

How could I say no?

I went out for a short photo walk around our library’s gardens today and saw these signs saying there was an urgent need for blood. I continued my photo shoot for a few more minutes, having an internal conversation with myself about whether or not I should go in and donate. Of course I know I should — it’s such an easy way to help save a life. And it’s not that I’m afraid of doing it; I’ve donated probably six or eight times before (not nearly enough!).  But I have a slight problem with getting light-headed when I donate blood, and I even passed out once afterwards. So I guess my hesitation came from not wanting to feel like a wimp if I have problems again. But I’m glad I decided to go ahead inside, because it ended up being just fine. No dizziness at all, and I had quite a bit of fun joking with the nurse in charge. She almost didn’t let me donate after I mentioned my previous problems, but when I practically begged her she relented with a stern warning that she’d be keeping an eye on me.

Be Nice to Me, I Gave Blood Today

When I was all done, she came over to ask how I was feeling and we shared a couple jokes at my expense about how I’d “put on my big girl panties and got over it.” Yeah, funny stuff.  But I know that next time I see a sign for a blood drive I’ll be more likely to run right in and say, “Hook me up!”

Funny how such a simple act can make my day, isn’t it?

I’ll share some photos from today’s photo walk in my next post; I got some good ones.

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