“Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, ha ha ha!”

That’s a direct quote from a couple of bicyclists who passed us on a trail while we were birding recently. Their mocking reference to what they probably assumed is a mythical bird was meant to be funny, I’m sure. Little did they know that we have seen Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in our local parks. They’re real and very cool birds. So the joke’s on them I guess! (And as birders, we’re used to being mocked anyway…pfft.)

But my real reason for posting today is to share this photo:

We spent this afternoon birding at Indian Springs Metropark, where we saw 20 species of birds. But the prize of the day has to be these three fledgling Barn Swallows being fed by their parent. I was snapping a bunch of photos of them just sitting on the branch quietly, when suddenly all three of their heads turned to the left and their little mouths opened wide and they began begging loudly. Yep, you guessed it — Momma (or Daddy?) had just appeared with a snack. It was so precious!!

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3 Responses to “Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, ha ha ha!”

  1. What an incredible picture!! I hope you enter it in a contest!

    • Kim says:

      Oh thank you, Kristie! I may just do that.

      • PAT CLAIR says:

        The photo of the baby barn swallows is so sweet – no nest? And did you notice how skinny the last little bird on the branch is? I guess the parents feed the most aggressive one cause it is the strongest. Good thing we humans baby our littlest ones, but we do like tall men (remember the president thing, that the tallest candidate usually wins?), but we feel sorry for really tall girls somehow. Maybe the birds are the smartest on the survival thing!
        Do enter that photo in the contest your friend mentioned above!

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