He’s Lucky He’s So Cute….

Dexter’s first photo from January

My blogging friend Kristie inspired me when she wrote about her puppy Fergus tearing up his toys the other day.

Our youngest cat Dexter (3 years old) has shredded every piece of upholstered furniture in our house since we adopted him on December 31.  I’ve tried everything to get him to stop. We have multiple scratching boxes around the house — which our 13-year-old cat uses constantly, by the way. I’ve put Sticky Paws strips on the furniture; these are basically double-sided tape strips that are supposed to discourage scratching. Dexter just shreds them right along with the fabric.

Lovely fabric torn to shreds

I’ve put spray bottles of water near all the furniture, and instructed the husband to help by spraying Dexter when he scratches. (I’m not getting much cooperation on that front…ahem.)

Purrfect View

Thinking that maybe he preferred to scratch standing upright, I bought him a scratching post pad on a 45 degree angle. Wouldn’t touch it. So I bit the bullet and bought him a large Purrfect View Post (a sizeable investment, as you’ll see if you check out their website). He loves it — hurray! It’s big and very stable, so I think that was the key for Dexter. Mickey loves it too, and they play King of the Mountain to see who can stay on top longest — it’s cute and  funny, and it’s great to see Mickey being so playful again. He hasn’t played this much for years. His preferred form of play lately has been to lie on the floor and swat at a toy I dangle over his head from a cat fishing pole contraption, which doesn’t keep him active enough.

But guess what? Dexter still scratches the furniture. Sigh.

(Note: I have no affiliation with the Purrfect Post company, but their product happens to be fabulous! Fast shipping, very high quality, and easy to assemble.)

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3 Responses to He’s Lucky He’s So Cute….

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  2. My sympathies go out to you and your furniture. One good thing about Fergus is his destruction has been mostly limited to his own toys and bed. Our cat on the other hand, well… Remember my posts about renovating the rec room? The reason we had to take the carpet out and put laminate in was our cat Emily had totally destroyed the carpet. And a few years ago we switched to leather furniture.

    Thanks for the tip about the cat scratching post, and for linking to my blog post. Hopefully Dexter’s attention focuses more on the post and less on your poor furniture!

    • Kim says:

      So Kristie, does your cat leave the leather furniture alone? We have one leather recliner that doesn’t seem to get any attention from Dexter’s claws. I’ve thought of switching to all leather too, but just think it might seem too cold in the winter. Are you happy with your furniture?

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