Heritage Days Photos

Despite intermittent showers and thunderstorms, our local Heritage Days festival went on this weekend. And as planned, I went there to practice taking photos of people, hoping to get over my discomfort with that particular subject matter. Not too long ago I made a set in my Flickr account just for people photos, and I’m slowly adding to that set. Not nearly as fast as I add to my “Birds” set, of course, but I’m making progress!

So here are some of my best pics from the festival — people and animals.

There was face painting….

….and camel rides….

…and crafts…

…and food….

…and fun entertainment…

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2 Responses to Heritage Days Photos

  1. Nice job on the photos! Especially the log rolling – those guys go so fast it is amazing you were able to capture it so perfectly. It is liked they stopped in mid-motion for you to take the picture.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Kristie! I just set a fast enough shutter speed and snapped continuously. I ended up with several really good photos of those two guys. Lots of fun.

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