It’s a Milestone Day

Meet the American Coot, my 100th lifetime bird species! Ah, that feels good…. (You can click to enlarge the pic and see more detail…they were pretty far out on the lake.) UPDATE: After reviewing and resorting my eBird records, it turns out that Coots were not number 100 on my list. That milestone bird was actually a Field Sparrow.

I’m so glad I braved the verrry cold winds on the shore today to see these cuties. I watched them diving for a few minutes and then had to run back to the warmth of the car. I hope your day was as good as mine!

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2 Responses to It’s a Milestone Day

  1. drbobsbirds says:

    Cool!!! 100 species! Congrats! Hey, these coots become really interesting when one of the Stoney Creek eagles is in the area! They all bunch together very quickly. Maybe with the coots being more abundant, we will soon see the eagles perching around the lake again.

    • Kim says:

      Dr. Bob, that’s funny you should mention the eagles. I think I saw one soaring over the lake today not too far from the coots, but I couldn’t see well enough to know for sure. Those baldies at Stony continue to elude me, despite Kevin trying to alert me when he sees them. But I just *know *I’ll find one sitting in a tree on the edge of the lake when I get a scope, I just know it….

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