Photos of an Early Spring in Michigan

A few days ago on my way to go birding in the park, I saw a very big Red-tailed Hawk lazily soaring on a thermal in a big circle over the road. I pulled my car over and jumped out to study it better with my binoculars. As I was getting ready to get back in the car a couple minutes later, two ladies walked by and asked me what I was looking at. I pointed out the hawk and told them I was trying to improve my ability to identify hawks in flight. They proceeded to point out their house to me and told me that they saw “the prettiest bright blue colored bird” the other day in their yard. It was “the color of a Blue Jay, but smaller. And it had an orange colored breast.” I told them they’d been blessed to see an Eastern Bluebird, and that was one of the species I was going to look for at the park. They seemed happy to find out the name of their little bird, and I was thrilled to be able to teach them a bit about it as well.

Bluebird of Happiness

I’d seen my first ever Eastern Bluebirds only a week before, so I was still pumped about seeing them again. Here’s the picture I got with my 250 mm lens. I only wish I’d had my 400mm with me that day, but this is still a great pic for the memory.        








Our “early spring” has had the inevitable setback. We got a couple inches of snow a few days ago, followed by an icy rain overnight and this morning. I’m glad I filled the feeders yesterday because they’re crowded with Pine Siskins right now. I’m not too enthusiastic about going out birding in this type of weather, so I’m back to knitting and reading for now. I’ve started a lovely green vest that I hope to finish quickly so I can get some wear out of it before the weather is too warm. But with this being Michigan I could probably still wear it until June, so that actually gives me plenty of time, doesn’t it? My mind is too preoccupied with preparing for our weekend houseguests, so I won’t write much more today. But I’ll close by sharing a few pictures of things I’ve seen on my walks lately. Enjoy!

Eastern Screech Owl resting in nest box

Drunk on Nature!

Maple trees tapped for their sweet sap

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2 Responses to Photos of an Early Spring in Michigan

  1. There is something very special about spotting a bluebird! We have bluebirds here, but it is a rare walk that has me actually spotting one. I love the picture of the tapped maple trees!

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