Brief Words of Wisdom

I’ve gotten far behind in reading the blogs I subscribe to on Google Reader, but am starting to make my way through the posts I missed. One of my favorite blogs is Crazy Aunt Purl, written by Laurie Perry. I love the way she has shared her trials and tribulations –through a divorce and feeling sorry for herself, to starting a new life out in L.A. — and how she can always see the humor in life. She’s a brave woman and a talented writer. Her current post is very brief, alluding to a rough three weeks and then choosing to focus on good things. She ends the post by asking “What’s on your good list?”

It’s a treat just reading through the many reader responses to that question, let me tell you! One person says, “…this too shall pass.” Another says, “We’re all hanging in there in some way or another, aren’t we?” How true that is! I encourage you to go read through the comments if you’ve got some time. You might be happier when you’re done, or at least begin thinking of the good things in your life today.

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One Response to Brief Words of Wisdom

  1. Chelle says:

    Hey dearest, I’ve been thinking of you! Hope all is well in your world. Your photography is just amazing. What are you reading lately? I haven’t been blogging much either, but I do occasionally still. I love Crazy Aunt Purl. Isn’t she great?

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