Bird Babysitters?

I’ve opened the windows for a brief bit of fresh air on this very hot and humid day (we’re supposed to hit 91F today and 96F MICHIGAN!). I’m sure I’ll have to close them and crank up the air conditioning pretty soon…bah. Anyway, it just happens to be feeding time for the tufted titmouse fledglings, and they’re running their parents ragged with their persistent and surprisingly loud squawking. “Feed me. Feed me again. Feed me again…” It’s fun to watch the parents going back and forth between the feeders and the crying babies, but I’m wondering if those parents ever get time to rest. At least human parents can get a babysitter from time to time so they get a break from the demands of raising the little ones. I’ll bet the tufted titmouse parents are just exhausted each night!

Pic from last winter, but that snow sure looks good on this HOT day!

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2 Responses to Bird Babysitters?

  1. David says:

    That snow does look good, we have been seeing temperatures above 100 in Texas. I look forward to the winter and the migratory birds.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for reading, David. We’re supposed to hit 100 here tomorrow, and it’s 94 now. This heat wave is miserable for us and the birds. I just watched one of your birdbath videos and am thinking maybe I’ll put out a second one in our yard. They need all the help they can get right now. Be well.

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