My Batman Bird

See the reflection on the water? Smooth as glass!

After hiking and biking last weekend, I was longing to get on the water. So after my group photo shoot for my photography class on Saturday morning, Eric and I loaded up the kayaks and headed about 10 miles north to Independence Oaks. It was our first time on 68-acre Crooked Lake and we had a wonderful time.

One nice thing about Crooked Lake is that there’s no beach and, therefore, no beach noise. Although there were a few rather loud gatherings in picnic shelters around the lake, overall it was peaceful. There were lots of dead trees in the marshy areas around the edges of the lake, perfect for sighting birds. My prize of the day was the two Cedar Waxwings I spotted soon after we got on the water. I’d just commented to Seagull Steve that I was missing these cool birds in our yard this summer, and whaddya know, 2 days later I get rewarded with a sighting! (Click the picture to see him bigger.)

Cedar Waxwing serenading us on the lake

Of course we saw a Great Blue Heron — we see one on virtually every lake we kayak — and were lucky enough to have him fly right in front of us at about 4 feet above the water. They’re so beautiful in flight, I just loved it.

There were lots of Robins and Red-winged Blackbirds singing in the trees, and an Eastern Kingbird entertained us with his swooping from the high trees to grab insects.

I got a cool shot of a dragonfly on top of a tall reed (not sure if it was a reed, but some kind of tall grass that rose up about 4 feet above the water…). I’m experimenting with black & white filters in Photoshop — see what you think of this:

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