OLD Family Photos

Great-Grandpa Elias with his daughters, Kathryn (my grandma) and Arlice, around 1922

Last weekend I was thrilled to be able to spend some quality time with my parents, something that happens all too rarely these days. And I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. They dug out some old family photos I’d never seen before, and I was able to see the faces of my great and great-great grandparents. I only learned their names a few weeks ago, and now I’ve seen their faces. Amazing! I scanned them all in to the computer and will be able to give my brother and sister copies on a CD later.

And although just seeing the photos was a real gift to me, it was made even more precious by the stories Mom and Dad told me about the people in the photos. I’ve heard some of their stories dozens of times, but it’s amazing how the memories are stimulated when you look at photos. I’ll treasure this weekend for the rest of my life. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Open wide, Daddy!

Here’s a picture of me feeding my Daddy when I was about a year old — I’d never seen this picture before, but now it’s one of my favorites. I’d been asking my dad if he enjoyed having a little girl when he was still such a young man himself, wondering if he liked playing with me or if he thought I was some weird alien creature. So finding this picture was like a confirmation of his answer that he loved playing with me back then. I love it!

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One Response to OLD Family Photos

  1. mother says:

    Yes we did enjoy having you to ourselves for 3 days. I am glad you enjoyed it too! Time goes so fast and I am glad we got this chance to pass on our history to you-Love you Kim!

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