Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Peonies, Coming Soon!

We’ve had about 4 cool, rainy days in a row now, and I’m over it. I usually love rain — the sound of it on the roof, the way it cleans and brightens everything, and how it nourishes my flowers. But this is just too much. The weather guys say the rain is to blame for the extremely high allergen levels — the flush of new plant growth releases pollens, and the amount of water lying around increases mold levels. I spent an entire day last weekend in bed with a horrible sinus headache, so I think they’re right.

I know this is typical spring weather though. We get a few really warm days and get encouraged enough to start planting annuals, and begin to believe that the dreariness of winter is finally over. And just when we start getting used to that, we get a week of cold and rain to drive us back indoors. I always find myself thinking, “No fair!”  I want to feel the sun on my face as my kayak bobs up and down on the wake of a passing motorboat. I want to sit in the shade of a big tree reading a great book, knowing that the warmth of the sun is just a few feet away if I get too chilly. I want to wear sandals instead of socks and shoes.

Oh great, now the chipmunks are raiding the feeders too!

This weekend is supposed to be better — warmer and less rain. And I’ll be about 300 miles south of here too, so that makes it even more likely that it’ll be warmer. Hurray! I’m spending the weekend with my parents to work on our family genealogy a bit. I have such a limited amount of time with them (2 days), but I’ll still try to make the rounds of the rest of the family too. My baby nephew is 6-months old now and I’ve only seen him once, when he was 5 days old. And another nephew is graduating from high school this weekend, so I’ll probably try to make it to that. I think I need to spend a week or two down in Ohio next time so I won’t feel so rushed and pulled in so many different directions. I miss them all so much and want to be able to spend quality time with them occasionally, but it’s really hard to manage it at this time of year when so much needs to be done here at home.

Geranium buds

The next few weeks will be busy, with a couple day trips planned and some houseguests coming.  I’m looking forward to late June and early July, when I should have several weeks in a row with no travel plans and no houseguests, so I can focus on the photography class I’ll be taking. (I’m thinking after that I’ll deserve to get the 300mm lens I need for better bird photos, right?) Then in August we get to go back up north for our vacation, staying in a cabin on a secluded lake near Munising. I just cannot wait for that — we really loved our first vacation up north a couple years ago. Of course we’ll be hiking and kayaking again, but this time we’ll be even more focused on the different birds we can see up there, so close to Lake Superior. I’ll have to brush up on the field marks for gulls and other shore birds before then, won’t I?

One more picture of the sweet little Indigo Bunting before I go:

Indigo Bunting

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  1. Great post thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed today’s article. Nice job!

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