Moon for Sale?

The recent Perigee Moon, seen from our back porch.

I saw a show on the Science Channel the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it. It was called, “Moon for Sale” and was about the renewed race to the moon by several countries, primarily Russia and the US, but also India, Japan, and China. And believe it or not, the reason for this “new” interest in our moon is energy. Apparently there’s enough Helium-3 in the moon’s soil to power the Earth for the next thousand years. And how is that, you ask? Well, scientists have found that Helium-3 can be used to generate power by fusion (as opposed to fission, which is used in conventional nuclear power).

My first reaction to this is outrage that humans are planning to exploit the resources of the moon instead of figuring out ways to live within the means we have on our own planet. Are we just going to destroy planet after planet in our greed for unlimited power? It’s already such a shame that we’ve ravaged so much of the beautiful planet we live on; do we want to be the species that leaves a path of destruction behind it all over the universe? Apparently so.

They’re already calculating the costs of bringing the Helium-3 back across the 250,000 miles to Earth, and clearly someone has figured out that they can make lots of money in this venture. So the theory is that whichever country lays claim to the moon first will be the energy gods for the entire planet Earth, and will presumably be the Saudi Arabia of the future (although probably without the camels).

Oh, and there’s this guy named Dennis Hope that runs a business in Nevada called Lunar Embassy.  He actually “sells” property on the moon by randomly putting his finger on a map of the moon and picking the property to sell to each person. He charges around $40 for a “deed” and has 4 million property owners so far (in 183 countries), including three former us presidents (Reagan, Carter, and Bush), major celebrities including Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, John Travolta, and Clint Eastwood. Are you freakin’ kidding me?? Nevermind that it’s not his to sell — this guy’s got some nerve, doesn’t he? I can only assume the people buying his “deeds” are just doing it for fun, so they can say they “own” property on the moon. I hope none of them think they’re getting real property!

You can watch this documentary for yourself here and see what you think. I know what I think: Capitalism is out of control. And capitalists have no respect for nature unless the law requires it. (But since the capitalists OWN our government, that’s not likely to happen either.)

Ok, end of my cynicism for today. Sheesh.

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