Battle of the Species

You’ve read about my battles with the squirrels and raccoons over the years, right? Just when I finally got the squirrel problem solved — by buying ALL squirrel-proof feeders — the raccoons woke up from hibernation and took me back to square one.  Two nights in a row last week the raccoons climbed a tree and took a feeder down so they could empty it. I mean they used their hands to unhook it from the shepherd’s hook and dropped it to the ground. I caught them in the act the second night and was able to chase them away and bring the feeders inside for the rest of the night. But I knew right then that I needed to get smart, and fast.  I’d just splurged on two 40-pound bags of the highest-quality no-mess seed at the bird store, and I definitely didn’t want to see all that money–I mean seed–go to the raccoons instead of the birds.

So I hung hooks from the side of the house so that the feeders hang about 18″ from the dining room window and about 5 feet from the ground. This has already been helpful for getting better pictures of the birds, but the best part is that there’s NO WAY for the squirrels OR raccoons to get to these feeders now. And the deer can’t reach them anymore either. So I think I may have FINALLY eliminated all three of our major feeder problems — hurray!

Frustrated squirrel circled in red -- ha ha!! (Click to see it bigger.)

 Now I know there are some of you out there saying, “Yeah, they’ll still find a way to get to those feeders.” And you may very well be right. But until that happens, I’m telling myself that I’m smarter than the squirrels and raccoons. Maybe not by much, but at least a little bit.

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