I WILL eat my vegetables, honest!

Eric and I just signed up for our first CSA and I’m really looking forward to getting fresh, local, organic produce every week this summer.  Part of the reason I’m not healthy nowadays is that I’ve become a very picky eater, and not in a good way: I’m biased toward junk food and against most vegetables (except for potatoes, which I can’t get enough of…). I feel awful about my eating habits and am determined to change them. With the CSA, we’ll get our share of whatever fruits and veggies are harvested each week from the farm, so I’ll be forced to figure out how to eat things I wouldn’t usually even look at in the supermarket. Like kale, for example. It’ll be a challenge, but one that’s good for our health and our spirits. And I feel even better knowing that I’m finally starting to participate more in supporting the local economy, something I never felt that I took seriously enough before.

We chose the Maple Creek CSA, based in Yale, Michigan. Most of the other CSAs require that you go to the farm to pick up your shares, but this one has a couple drop off locations right in our city. Very convenient.  I can tell I’ll be depending heavily on my favorite online recipe sites like allrecipes.com and sparkrecipes.com.

Now how on earth do you use kale in a meal?

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5 Responses to I WILL eat my vegetables, honest!

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    Congrats on your CSA. Kale is wonderful sauteed with garlic and olive oil. If you think it’s too strong, then throw in a bit of broth and some raisins. I especially love it blended into green smoothies in the morning – tons of recipes on youtube and elsewhere if you are interested.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hmmm, not sure about kale…but love that you’re making a change! Should be fun trying new things. I’m looking forward to hitting our farmers markets in a few months.

  3. Sharon says:

    That’s a wonderful concept for the veggie and fruit “novice” and you will experience lots of different tastes each week. Of course, for a big herbivore and vegetarian like moi, I would have to buy many CSA shares just for me. We go to local roadside stands in the summer and buy tons of the stuff we like…tomato, beans, cukes, onions, squash, beets, radish, fresh parsley, fresh mint and chives, all kinds of lettuce and then the fall season with corn, potatoes, cabbage and winter squash. Then, oh my, the fresh peaches, cherries, apples, pears, melons. I can’t wait and it’s something I look forward to each season. However, I have to say, I’ve never used KALE before.

  4. abbyrex2323 says:

    That is awesome. A CSA is a great way to get inspire to eat healthier. If you have the veggies then you have to use/eat them! I have some great ideas on my blog too.

    • Kim says:

      Abbyrex, thanks for visiting. I took a look at your blog too, and those pizzas have me drooling! And your post about salad dressings was inspiring too. I’ve just subscribed!

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