"Little Shards of Heaven"

I’ve spent some of my recuperating time this weekend catching up on my blog reading, and I found the most wonderful site. It’s called the Music of Nature, and it is just overflowing with the most amazing sound and video recordings of all sorts of birds and other animals. (For example, listen to this dawn symphony recorded in the Adirondacks…just beautiful!) This is just perfect for me right now as I’m trying to get better at identifying birds by their songs; I’m guessing I can only identify about a dozen birds from sound at this point. I find it overwhelming–not only does every bird have multiple songs, but the way the songs are translated into words in field guides is truly a foreign language. I mean really, what does “chip chip” sound like as opposed to “tik tik” or “chuk chuk“? When I listen to a recording of a sound and read the written description of it, it seems to me that they could have chosen several different ways to interpret that song. I’m guessing it gets easier with practice, and there’s some sort of pattern to it all, but good grief it seems complicated. Clearly this is going to take some serious study time.

This site has gotten me all excited about going out this spring to see and hear the migrating birds returning to begin their mating and nesting rituals. And that reminds me, I’m going to need a new pair of boots for trudging around in muddy Michigan woods. Off to LLBean.com….

By the way, the title of this post was borrowed from a comment made by Gina on the original post at MusicofNature.org. She said: “Can this be of our Earth? It’s as if little shards of heaven were breaking off and falling to the ground.”  Thanks for the great prose, Gina!

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