Another Life Bird!

I forced myself to put the camera down today so I could finally wrap up my tax stuff for the year. (I’ve taken procrastination further than ever before this time!)  You know that I love taking pictures of the birds at our feeders, but honestly, I was getting a bit bored with the same ones every day. So I’m working here at my desk and I glance through up to rest my eyes for a moment and what do I see? My first ever Brown Creeper, barely 10 feet in front of me, hopping his way up a big tree outside my window. 

Image licensed under Creative Commons by Kelly Colgan Azar (via Flickr).

I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough, so had to borrow from one of my Flickr contacts. (If you’re ever in the mood to browse some really beautiful bird photos, go to Kelly Colgan Azar’s photostream and spend a few minutes; you’ll be glad you did.) What a cute little bird! I’m thrilled I got to see him so closely too. Now I’ll be on the lookout for him everywhere….

Our temperatures have been in the 40s for two days now, and we’re seeing a lot of snow melting action around here. It’ll take more than a few days to make a dent in our deep snow piles, but any melting at all is appreciated. Unfortunately though, the snow is the only thing holding our mailbox up, so we have to keep a close eye on that or we’ll find our mail in the drainage ditch again. 

These temperatures have me stroking my kayak every time I go out to the garage. Actually I’ve done more than stroke her…there’s been talking involved too. (Hang in there girl, we’ll be out on the water again before you know it!) Yeah, I’m a little bit stir crazy….

 Ok, back to those taxes.

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