Beauty on the water

Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron (Click to see it bigger)

Every time we go out in our kayaks I try to get pictures of the waterfowl. But the usual result is a blurry picture because I’m bobbing up and down in a boat instead of standing on dry land. But last weekend we found a small secluded lake where the water was as smooth as glass.  I spotted this Great Blue Heron with my binoculars, and started snapping pictures immediately. I continued to paddle as quietly as I could, then finally stopped paddling and just drifted closer and closer. I think I was about 50 feet away when I got this last shot. I was thrilled!

Green Heron

I also got a relatively good picture of a Green Heron just a few minutes before this one.  We also saw a bird we couldn’t identify, and didn’t get a decent picture of it either. It reminded me of the silhouette of the pied-billed grebes I saw a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t in the water. It was flying around the edges of the lake, occasionally perching in the trees. We came home and looked through our bird guides but couldn’t pin down a definite ID. That’s frustrating, but it also gives us a good reason to go back to that lake again.

Finally, after I’d spent 15 minutes sitting amongst the water lilies trying to get a picture of the unidentified bird, I turned around to see what Eric was doing. This is what I saw:

Is she STILL taking pictures?!

He had gotten bored and decided to take a nap on the dock! Funny. It was a rather small lake, and we’d already explored the entire shoreline. I think he was still enjoying himself,but he said next time we go there he’ll bring his fishing gear.

It’s been really fun checking out various lakes with our kayaks, but it’s a fine balance between a lake that’s big enough to be interesting for a few hours and one that’s not crowded and noisy. So far we’ve kayaked lakes from 40 acres to 1000, and definitely prefer the smaller ones for peace and quiet.  We really enjoy a nearby 500-acre lake too, but are looking forward to the cooler weather so there won’t be any beach noise to drown out the nature. There should be fewer motor boats on the lake soon too.

P.S. New Pattern Coming!

Before I go I should mention that I’ve got a new lace scarf design coming out very soon. I just took pictures of it today, and the pattern is being edited as I write this. So as soon as I get it back from my editor I’ll get it listed on my website and in my Ravelry store. It’s called Milano and I’m very happy with it. It’s very feminine and delicate…I hope my customers will like it as much as I do.

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2 Responses to Beauty on the water

  1. pat clair says:

    the Milano scarf looks so delicate-really a pretty scarf

  2. Sharon says:

    I had a sneak peek of the new scarf pattern and it is very lovely! Already have yarn picked out.

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