Another birdwatching first

Another birdwatching first today!

I’ve added several new birds to my life list this summer — Pied-billed Grebes, Killdeer, and White Egret off the top of my head. And today I had the excitement of my first two Northern Flickers. They seemed to be doing some sort of mating ritual, peeping excitedly at each other for a minute or so.  Seems a bit late in the season for that sort of nonsense, but who knows. I just wish I’d been able to get the camera. When will I learn to keep it with me always?

Later I went out to refill the empty feeders (darn squirrels!) and was scolded by an impatient chickadee on a nearby branch. It came so close to me that I thought I might even be able to get it to eat from my hand. (Stop laughing, it could happen.) I put out a handful of seed and it hopped one branch closer to me. I held my breath. But alas, it changed its mind and moved further away. I hurriedly finished up and left it to eat in peace.

I’m having SO much fun watching the birds this year!

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