Let’s Talk Turkey

Ok, I promised turkey pictures, so let’s get right to it.

Aren’t they awesome? This family of 2 adults and 11 babies (“poults”) has been hanging around our yard for the past week. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that their visits began when we hung 2 new bird feeders in the yard.

Neither of the adults appears to be a male, so apparently these are two mamas working together to raise the 11 little ones. The “little ones” by the way, appear to have grown already in the short time we’ve been watching them.

Some of the babies

I have dozens of pictures of them, but I think the videos are much more fun. Especially the one I took this morning when our kitty Mickey had a close up encounter with the entire turkey family. I can’t seem to embed the video here on the blog, so here’s the YouTube link to it.

And here’s the link to my Flickr photostream, where I’ve posted some more pix. Enjoy!

Mickey meets the turkey family

Watchful parents

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