Knitting scarves (and more kayaking!)

Tiny teaser pic...stay tuned.

I’ve got two new scarves on the needles right now, both of my own design. I’m considering offering one of them as a free pattern, and the other one will be added to my regular pattern line when it’s done.

I loooove this colorway!

The blue one is being made out of Sheep Shop’s “Sheep No. 3” yarn. The green….OMG, it’s Fleece Artist “Sea Wool” and is made of the most beautiful combination of greens, browns, and blues. I want to hang it up on my wall so I can look at it ALL the time. (You can click on the picture to see it in its full glory.)


We went to a different lake this weekend — Stony Creek is only a few miles from our house and is part of Stony Creek Metropark, where I spend lots of my time. Usually I’m on shore watching the water, but this time I got to see the view of the shore from the lake instead. This lake is about 500 acres, much bigger than 160-acre Big Seven Lake, where we kayaked last week.  Stony Creek lake has much more boat traffic on it, including motor boats. But they’re limited to a speed of 10 mph, so their waves are just gentle ripples under our kayaks.

The shoreline of this lake isn’t as interesting though, as there are a couple rather large and noisy beaches and not many overhanging trees. But there are a few shallow marshy areas, and we were lucky enough to see another blue heron (like last week), and a white heron too. I’m still having difficulty getting good pictures while we’re in the boats (if only the water would hold still for a moment!), but here’s what I did manage to get:

White heron fishing in the shallows

Resting the rowing muscles -- it was hot!

We also saw an adorable family of swans — parents and two babies. The swans and geese at this lake are so used to people that you can get pretty close to them if you want, but we tried not to get close enough that they’d feel compelled to move away from us. That’s another reason we don’t have many good pictures, along with the fact that our little point-and-shoot camera is on its last legs. Sometimes it won’t even turn on unless you shake it a couple times…very frustrating when the wildlife won’t hold still that long. But I’ve just remedied this by ordering another one from Amazon. I’ve got my good DSLR camera with a telephoto lens, but I’m hesitant to take that out on the water with us. So I convinced myself that buying a “used – like new” camera for $60 was a good idea. I also just received my new wide angle lens for the DSLR, so I can’t wait to go try that out soon. It was purchased for our upcoming vacation in Yellowstone National Park, so I can capture the scale of the landscape out there. Can’t wait for that adventure in September….maybe I’ll have buffalo pictures to show you!

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2 Responses to Knitting scarves (and more kayaking!)

  1. ChelleC says:

    You look so peaceful and relaxed! A vacation to Yellowstone Park sounds wonderful. Can you carry me along in your knitting bag?

    • Kim says:

      That picture really conveys the whole experience of floating on the water, doesn’t it? I’m very glad we finally took the plunge and got our own kayaks. It’s so liberating!

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