Maiden voyage completed!

Ready to hit the road

Me in my dorky hat (I love this hat!)

Our brand new kayaks went on their maiden voyage yesterday, and it was a wonderful success! It was a scorching hot day, and a holiday weekend, two things that almost made us reconsider and stay home. But we’re so glad we decided to go ahead with our plans.

Our first adventure of the day was just driving out of the driveway to see if the kayaks were secure enough to withstand our rutted dirt road and steep hill. After that little test, we knew everything was fastened down well enough, and we were ready to hit the road.

Because of the Fourth of July holiday, we knew the parks and lakes closer to home would be exceedingly busy. So in an attempt to get further from the metro area, we drove 20 miles north to Seven Lakes State Park near Holly, Michigan. We launched our kayaks into 160-acre Big Seven Lake. It was just the right size for us to spend a couple lazy hours exploring the far shoreline. We even spotted a gorgeous heron fishing from the banks, although I didn’t get a very good picture of him.

Poor picture of a beautiful heron

Before choosing Seven Lakes as our destination for today, we had found some online reviews of the lake. Interestingly, several of them had complained that this lake was dirty, but happily, we found it to be quite clean. There were one or two stray pieces of trash along the shore, but we were pleasantly surprised. The only slightly negative thing about the place was the very noisy and crowded beach, but we found that by staying on the back side of a rather large island in the lake, we were able to minimize the impact of all those people on our peaceful afternoon.

Since Eric likes to fish, we kept our eyes open for fish while we were on the lake. Although it wasn’t the prime time for spotting them, we did see a couple of pretty-darn-big fish out there. An 18-incher swam right in front of me. I have no idea what type of fish it was, but it was surprisingly BIG.

At one point we floated our kayaks under some overhanging trees to take advantage of their shade. Since I was too lazy to turn around to look at Eric, I just pointed the camera backwards over my head to see what he was doing. He sure looks like he was relaxed, huh? Obviously the kayaks are a hit!

This says it all!

A pretty lake!

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2 Responses to Maiden voyage completed!

  1. Sharon Amara says:

    The Maiden Voyage looked peaceful and tranquil. Did you Christen it with champagne and a name?

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