Another New Bird for My Life List

See the eggs? (Click to enlarge)

We had a great weather day on Thursday, but because our deck had just been sealed that morning and I couldn’t enjoy the day at home, I went to my favorite local park. And boy am I ever glad I did!

I parked my car under the shade of a tree, planning to knit or read while the lake breezes blew around me. But I thought I saw something in the grass right in front of the car, so I got out to take a look. And this little bird was standing there, only a few feet from the front of the car, watching me. I was instantly excited because I’d never seen this particular type of bird before, but worried because of her unusual behavior. I thought she probably had a nest up in the tree and was guarding it from below. So I kept several yards away so as not to stress her too much, and snapped a dozen or so pictures.

Only today when I uploaded the pics to the computer did I notice the eggs were on the ground right beside her! Seems like a crazy place to lay eggs, but from what I’ve just read, that’s how a Killdeer typically does it. Crazy, huh? I sure hope she’s able to hatch those eggs, but the location right beside a busy parking lot doesn’t give much chance of that I’m afraid.

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